Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Afghanistan Through My Eyes


Sometimes I'm better at waiting than at other times.
I'm good at waiting in line. I just go someplace else mentally.
I'm good at waiting for people to show up. I relax and people watch.

I pretend I'm fabulously famous or even royalty and the commoners around me have no idea who I am. I must get a funny look on my face when I have this thought, because I find people start to stare at me and then whisper...I of course imagine they are whispering, "Who is she?", but they are probably commenting about the smudge on my face or the inappropriate saying on my too tight t-shirt.

I've never been good at waiting for things. I've gotten better as I've aged. But I remember one Christmas when I was seven and I found all of the Christmas presents my Mom had hidden away for me. I opened every single one of them carefully and then sealed them back up. Everyone except the box of Thelma Lou's candy.

I opened the box and ate every piece.

Then I closed it up and rewrapped it.

I have never been more disappointed then that Christmas morning when I knew what everything was before I had opened it. I don't remember how I got away with not sharing any of the candy, which was good because it was all gone. My Mom was probably on a diet. She was always on a diet.