Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Afghanistan Through My Eyes - Change is Good

I am really looking forward to getting back to Afghanistan. I am not looking forward to all the flights I have to take, but not complaining.

I heard this amazing story on NPR this morning and wanted to share it:

February 14, 2012
All wars bring innovations — in weapons, and also in ways to repair the damage done. Penicillin is one of the more famous examples: It came into use as a treatment for troops in World War II.
The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have brought their own breakthroughs, none more dramatic than the prosthetics that come close to giving back what has been lost. And big advances in treating grievous injuries have meant many more troops coming home alive.
There are enough wounded soldiers who want to stay in uniform that the military is finding ways to accommodate the disabled — and that has led to a grand experiment called the Wounded Warrior Home at the Army's Fort Belvoir in Virginia.

It's nice to see the military is changing in some good ways.