Sunday, August 7, 2011

Afghanistan Through My Eyes

As I write this post various emotions pass through me. I have just turned in my book proposal for Bullets In My Pocket, to the agent. Writing a book proposal is almost as difficult as writing the book, as it outlines the book in its entirety. I only opened the sealed fed-ex envelope once to add something. It's very hard to let a work that has encompassed your life for an entire year go. It was just last July when I had the idea to go to Afghanistan to hug warriors and let them know that they are not forgotten and are appreciated. It's the first step in the process of getting my book published and out to you.

My mixed emotions come from the news of the helicopter that was shot down on Friday killing all on board. NATO Crash: Team Seal Six Members Killed in Afghanistan - ABC News

 I wonder how this conflict in Afghanistan will end. I can not help but bring to mind the fall of Saigon in 1975. I wonder how many of us remember or even know how this conflict began. It began because of our incessant need for oil. The US backed the Taliban as the safe keepers of an oil pipeline to run through Afghanistan...a country that has been at war for 3000 years. After learning of the atrocities against women the Taliban purports we did a 180 degree turn to protect the people of Afghanistan from them.

It is a strange day and age. The US credit rating has been lowered. Our elected officials seem to have very little idea of what life and economics are like for the average citizen or have conveniently forgotten and are advocates for huge corporations and no longer their constituents voice. They don't even finish their job...a work ethic that is an embarrassment.

We need to pull together and stop placing the blame and solve the issues. One step at a time, the first always being the hardest.