Saturday, March 10, 2012

Afghanistan Through My Eyes - Changes Blowing In the Wind

I'm preparing for my third visit to Afghanistan and I'm eager to get my boots on the ground.

My belief, and this is solely my opinion, is that our military needs to get lean and mean. We have the weapons of mass destruction, but they are not very effective when dealing with guerrilla warfare...I thought we learned this in Viet Nam. There needs to be effective decision making and NO more of this vacillation. We support the Taliban, the Taliban is bad, we are in negotiation with the Taliban...

We should only assist countries that want us and we should be for hire...isn't it a pity that the Chinese got the oil pipeline in Afghanistan. We can not keep spending BILLIONS of dollars outside our country when our own infrastructure is crumbling.

I like what I read here in US ARMY Stand To: but to accomplish this...they are going to need women! In order to get these women they are going to have to open up the combat designation and allow women these positions, if they qualify, so they can advance.


The Army Posture Statement: A Leaner Army

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future? 

To meet a wide range of security requirements a leaner Army will have to make difficult choices. The Army will eliminate redundant capabilities and reduce the cost of doing business by finding efficiencies in overhead, business practices and other activities. The Army will draw down in a manner that preserves readiness and avoids any hollowing of the force. To satisfy this enduring requirement, the Army will continuously assess and adjust three rheostats: end strength/force structure, readiness, and modernization. These three foundational imperatives will be refined throughout the next several years to provide combatant commanders trained and ready forces in support of Joint Force 2020.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Afghanistan Through My Eyes - Best Article regarding book burning

I know some of you reading these blogs might be saying...enough. But, considering this incident has cost 35 lives and set our accomplishments back to square one I want to understand what really happened.

Chain of Avoidable Errors Cited in Koran Burning

Shah Marai/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images
New details about a Koran desecration may do little to soothe Afghans like the youths protesting at Bagram Air Base last week.
The crisis over the burning, carried out by American soldiers near the detention center in Parwan on Feb. 20, brought a short-term halt to cooperation between the Americans and Afghans and has complicated almost every aspect of planning and negotiation for a military withdrawal. The burning touched off nationwide rioting and the increased targeting of American troops, leaving at least 29 Afghans and 6 American soldiers dead in the past week. 
Read more about what possibly happened.
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With less than two weeks before I'll be in Afghanistan, I'm wondering how this will effect everything.