Monday, August 29, 2011

Afghanistan Through My Eyes - what it's like to go to war

Every single person that's met me asks me, "What's it like?"
There are a myriad of answers depending on who's asking and what they want to hear.

It's like going to the moon!
It's that foreign to someone like me who has never been in the military. After dealing with reams of paperwork and then going through several checkpoints including a retina scan they let you in. It's like being the most VIP in a VIP world.
The language is foreign, while English it's full of acronyms and everyone garbles their language as if holding marbles in their mouth.
The landscape is khaki. Everything is khaki from the dust covered concertina wire to the vehicles and the dress.
It's military Alaska tent after another, the only difference is the number, if you're lucky and there is a number.

Everyone carries weapons.

But if you don't get hurt, a combat zone the MOST exciting place on earth. It's life on the edge and you feel alive every waking moment.

There are jobs to do that are important to everyone's well being and survival. You are important and needed.

People care about you from the moment you introduce yourself. Friendships are fast and life stories are told over coffee.

It is also the most terrifying place on the planet.
The juxtaposition is crazy wild.