Friday, June 8, 2012

Afghanistan Through My Eyes - re-deployment

As always the day finally arrives when the division gets to go home! The joy one feels on this day is about the most joy a soul can take.

The way it works from Afghanistan is that everyone in the division has to somehow get to Manus Airbase and then take a wide-bird back to their home base. In this case it was Schofield, on Oahu in Hawaii. Not to shabby.

This is complicated by all kinds of factors. First of all your replacements from the new division must have arrived. Depending upon where you are in country, a large base, FOB or small COP this can take days of travel and waiting until you arrive at Manus.

Lastly, there's the RIP/TOA where the commanders leave. The commanders are the last to leave, but generally get to go straight to Manus and skip any interim bases on the way.

Casing the flag for it's journey home back to Schofield Base in Hawaii
Waiting at the PAX Terminal on FOB Fenty

Down comes the Welcome to the 25th Divison FOB Fenty Sign
Marching out of FOB Fenty to the awaiting C-130

Heading to Manus Airbase on our C130