Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Afghanistan Through My Eyes-airplanes

There are many different kinds of airplanes in Afghanistan. When deploying from Hawaii, the 25th Division flew on a regular commercial charter DC-10. The service was nice and the crew changed everyplace we landed. The absolute best part of the trip was the hot towel service. It was almost as good as first class except of course the seating was too cramped even for me at 5'3" and 110 lbs.

When we got to Kyrgystan I took a few photos secretly.

I'm not sure what airline this is, but glad I wasn't flying it.

Then of course there is the country's airline: Kyrgystan Air. Little known fact...we are pouring millions of dollars in aide into Kyrgystan.

This is more like it. Our C-17 from Manus into Bagram...one fabulous place to another.