Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Afghanistan Through My Eyes

Most of you know that I'm now living in S. Korea. While I will continue to follow the friends I met in Afghanistan and follow the conflict over there, I will begin posting on my new blog: soon!

I'm super excited to be living on Camp Red Cloud (CRC). It took me a full week to understand that everyone who referred to CRC as Camp Red Cloud. You've got to love military acronyms!

When I'm up and running I'll let everyone know.

Meantime: Let's not ever forget we've got military personnel still over in Afghanistan that need our support!

MADISON - Thousands of Badgers fans witnessed an emotional moment in Madison on Saturday when an Army captain surprised her daughter during halftime at the UW-Madison game.
Captain J.R. Lund has been serving in Afghanistan for the last six months and gave her daughter the surprise of a lifetime. Bella said she is still in shock from the surprise.
“It still feels like a dream, nothing feels real,” Bella said. “When I saw her I was like, ‘whoa, that's my mom. She's here.'”