Sunday, July 10, 2011

Red White & Blue Veteran's Farm - Jacksonville

The other day I had the privilege of being at the Red White & Blue Veteran's Farm in Jacksonville.

This farm is the brainchild of Adam Burke a wounded Veteran of Iraq. With the help of his wife, Michelle they've organized funding and volunteers to create this sanctuary of 8.5 acres for wounded veterans to farm.

There will be a total of 15,000 blueberry bushes. On this day 1,500 were delivered. Here are the guys that unloaded the bushes and worked on the irrigation system. 
It wasn't easy getting these guys to pose as they had a lot of bushes
to unload, plant and irrigate before the day was over.

The bushes are planted in raised planters so the veteran can maneuver easily down the rows to pick the berries and tend the bushes.

It was a great day at the Red White & Blue Blueberry Farm. Everyone has worked really hard both physically and spiritually to make this happen. Click here to see more and how you can help.