Sunday, October 16, 2011

Afghanistan Through My Eyes - More Women In Combat

Going over all the studies about women in combat I'm not sure if I should smile or yell! Especially after reading the Executive Summary for Diversity Leadership for the 21-Century Military.

This Diversity Commission was established in 2009, has 20 recommendations and a new definition of diversity, but...a big BUT recognizes that presidential and congressional guidance and support are necessary if success is to be realized.

Photo by Doug Lindner

The crux of my frustration comes because in 1948...1948...Harry S. Truman, then President issued the Executive Order 9981 that called for "equality of treatment and opportunity for all persons in the armed services".

So here we are.

Here is where I agree with Justice Clarence Thomas (I never thought I'd be writing this). He believes there should be NO segregation when implementing laws or criteria. There should be no deliniation of race, color, creed or gender. This is how the Constitution was written and meant to be interpreted.

Photo by Pete Shinn

There is enough paperwork, (63 years worth at least) to support this. Can we move on!

Photo by Mark Burrell