Sunday, October 10, 2010

Afghanistan Through My Eyes - red tape

I figure I got the Visa I'm sure I can get an extention.

So, I knocked this hurdle down...I'll make it up on the next run.

What I'm really worried about is the embed. According to the form, in BIG BOLD LETTERS, it reads: YOU ARE NOT EMBEDDED UNTIL YOU RECEIVE YOUR ORDERS. I wonder how long it's going to take. I can get a Visa in 48 hours, I better just go for it.

I fill out the papers as best as I can. I have to pitch the ISAF the story and tell them what I'm going to be writing about. They actually ask: What's the hook! I have to print all this in a little box. My printing isn't that great and I don't have any whiteout. If I make a mistake, I have to reprint the forms.

I ask a friend who was a base commander to look it over. He says I'm good to go.
So I send the forms in by email as instructed.