Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Afghanistan Through My Eyes - Dickie Chapelle

I made my list and checked it twice.

There wasn't enough room to write all the divisions I want to embed with. I put in the two that I definitely want, the 25th Infantry Division and the Leatherneck Marine division. I picked these two because I couldn't find Ernie Pyle's buddies, the 34th Division in all the paperwork; so I picked a dear friend of mine's division the 25th, Bobcat. The Leathernecks are in honor of Dickie Chapelle.

I would also like to spend time at a field hospital and with the Army Corps of Engineers and with the all women's Marine engagement team.

I wrote a brief note to Gabriel that I would go anywhere they wanted me.

Then, I scanned everything into my computer. I didn't think twice or hesitate to email it.

Now I have to wait.

Again, within hours I received an email from Gabriel....now what did I forget I thought?
Nothing, everything was in order and was been sent off for processing.

I am now resigned to wait...again, trying to be patient.