Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kill Team

Read this dissection of the Rolling Stone article "Kill Team", by Carl Prine. One of my great frustrations is reading articles written by journalists who are never on the ground in country. They sit in their hotel room and get fed information via two or three stringers.

“Kill Team” wasn’t journalistic poison, like Hastings’ latest story, but it also wasn’t very well written, researched or edited, which is also a shame because unlike the PSYOP flotsam, it was true — and that truth should matter not only to my friends in the Army who have reacted so angrily to it but also to Americans who need to own some of the wars that are being fought in their name.

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Rolling Porn | Carl Prine

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Veteran's Chapter - Adam Burke

Former Sergeant Adam Burke OIF Combat Disabled:

To look at Adam now, he seems the spitting image of perfect health, both mental and physical. But that is because in his words, "You suck it up and tuck it all away and move on." He still suffers from debilitating migraines that require oxygen and last for days and his shrapnel wounds to his head and body can keep him from working plus PTSD and severe depression.

While Adam was recuperating in California from his wounds from a mortar attack he dreamed of his boyhood home, a blueberry farm. The very farm he joined the Army to get away from. Seven years later this dream farm has come to fruition.

Click: Veteran's Farm to find out more about this amazing place. You won't see pictures of the Veteran's themselves because this is a sanctuary for them. A place they can work out their demons while being productive.