Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The right of the US Military to Vote

We are still in Afghanistan. I've hesitated to write this post as it saddens my heart, all the soldiers lost forever physically and mentally.

The latest US casualty is:

11-03-2013 Forest W. Roberston, US, Sergeant 1st Class age 35 small arms hostile fire in Logar Province. He will be remembered by all who knew him, his family, friends and brothers and sisters in arms. He has become a statistic in a war that continues indefinitely whether we the United States are a part of it or not because our President elected to go to war.

Ironically, Veteran's Day falls one week after, Election Day, our national day to vote. Did you know that unless a service member files for an absentee ballot he or she isn't allowed to vote for the President of the United States who makes the decision to go or not to go to war. Isn't this crazy! Our military representative, who oftentimes is deployed overseas and cannot vote or whose vote isn't counted because it's absentee ballot.

I believe all active members of the military should be allowed to vote anywhere in the United States using their current Military I.D. and if they're deployed they should have a separate Military Ballot that is counted.

I mean…it's only fair.