Monday, April 22, 2013

Boston Bombers - Kyrgyzstan

How do the Boston bombers relate to Afghanistan you ask...

The brothers Tsamaeva (Tsarnaev) were born in Kyrgyzstan. Anyone who's fought in Afghanistan with the US military knows that Manas is the transit center. We (you and me US taxpayers) built the International Airport, near Bishkek and it's runway to the tune of 8 billion dollars and lease what we built annually for $60 million. While we have poured money into Kyrgyztan to make these amazing improvements and helped to improve the local medical facilities and loaned physicians to help set up clinics, our time allotment was temporary. It seems our lease is just about up and will not be extended after its expiration in July 2014. This is a few months before the completion of the drawdown!

Interesting that Kyrgyzstan has become a cell for Islamic extremism. However the rebel movement, specifically Vilyat Dagestan, denies any links to the deadly bombing. The mujahideen from the Caucasus are not at war with the US but Russia for their heinous crimes against Muslims. They seem to think the Russian Special Services have some connection to the bombings.

Could these two young men be part of a plot thicker than any Hollywood thriller masterpiece.

I am still at a loss for why someone plants a bomb and then runs. While I don't like to use my blog to make personal judgement, I cannot help but wonder. If you're going to commit a terrorist attack step forward and take responsibility! COWARDS.