Sunday, April 24, 2011

Afghanistan Through My Eyes - Hitchin a ride on a C-130

Finally, flying into the FOB that I’m going to be based at. I had to take things into my hands and fly the C-130 myself…

Actually, Maj Kevin Thompson the aircraft commander was the pilot, Cpt Jason Pool was the co-pilot and Lt Nate Kaley the navigator. It was a full on National Guard crew based out of Texas and they invited me to sit up front along with GSG Kresasidy McKinney. She’s from Florida and has a sister living in Jacksonville.

Sitting in the cockpit at night, the aircraft commander, co-pilot and flight engineer, MSgt Monny Mosser, (not pictured) wore night vision and had gloves with little dots at the end like ET. Flying into the blanket of stars mixed with the hillside village campfires you felt as if you were in outer space. The crew intensely scanned the sky and earth looking for threats.

The National Guard is an amazing faction that we must also thank for their time and effort. This Crew leaves their job in the US and goes to war for months at a time, then back to their home as if they were on a holiday. There is no support system in place for them to help them with PTSD or the other affects and problems of combat.