Thursday, April 28, 2011

Afghanistan Through My Eyes - Out and About Day 3

I wish I could post some photos, but they'll have to wait until at the earliest tomorrow when I leave this FOB and am able to use my computer.

Yesterday, just as we were leaving for a day mission it began to hail. Since I was sitting in the back of a LATV with the gun turret open I pretty much got soaked, but not as soaked at the gunner. Water was dripping off of his helmet, machine gun, bullets everything. The hail was the size of a dime.

Our mission was cut short when Lt. Mossberg made the call to cut it short because of the torrential river we'd have to cross. As it was we were slipping and sliding in the mud and rocks. I didn't say anything, but was glad, being the shortest I figured the river would be coming up to my thigh and it was rushing so fast I was concerned I was going to go down.

It was unnerving walking out on patrol amidst the mountains and hills surrounding us. There really is no cover and I can see why the 101st lost so many soldiers. You are vulnerable, but the soldiers I was with scanned the hills in unison looking for anything that moved. We were as safe as you could be.

Being here is a total 180 degree turn from being down in Helmand where it's flat and you can see for miles.