Thursday, April 28, 2011

Afghanistan Through My Eyes - Day 2 Out and About

This morning I went to a brief and then off to meet the ANA counterparts of our team. We had the ubiquitous green tea with dried corn kernels, dried raisins and some almonds. After the PO had left the ANA loosened up a bit and were talking and joking among themselves as the US military were. Neither of us could understand each other as our interpreter was called away.

The ANA were very nice and were not offended when I spoke directly to them. I was a bit inhibited as I didn't have a head scarf on and my arms were bare. I was invited last minute to the meeting and I couldn't ask the US team to wait on me. I taught them the word 'delicious' for the almonds.

Later on I'm taking an interpreter up to the ANA FOB and interview some of their soldiers. They are much more receptive to me than the ANA were in Helmand. Perhaps it's because more journalists have come through here and they understand what we do.

I've been meeting lot of soldiers: I met with Team Steel 37 FA Hardcore Gulf and Gladiators on their way out. I wish them well.