Monday, April 25, 2011

Afghanistan Through My Eyes - Jews In The Army

Yes, there are Jews in the Army...the proof is in the picture.

Last night I attended a Seder for the last night of Passover here on the FOB. Pictured here are: Specialist Joshua GuimarĂ£es, Barcelona, Spain, Specialist Michael Lucka, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, 1Lt Alex Johnson, Chicago, IL and Chaplin Moshe Lans, Ft. Hood. Not pictured are: 2 Lt David Prewitt, Howell, MI, Anna Mussman, Dept. of State and Jodi Rosenstein, USAID.

It was awesome to me that we were sitting in the middle of Afghanistan in Nangarhar Province celebrating our Judaism. If anyone is ever in doubt of what the US Military does here is a perfect example. It protects our religious freedom.