Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Afghanistan Through My Eyes - Times Union was quite hectic. I got a lot of positive feedback on the article about me in the Times Union paper. Matt did an amazing job making me sound so fabulous. 
Jacksonville blogger's mission to Afghanistan
Mare Contrare knows just what she'll...out on a bet.Besides, Contrare likes the new name. It suits...nickname, anyway, ever since Mare Margaret Elizabeth Goddard...transport to Camp Leatherneck. Contrare will be in Afghanistan Jan...

I have to say I was a bit jittery today. Lots of friends and family calling and wishing me well. It must be strange for my three big brothers that their little sister is going off to war, especially at my age. Just when they thought it was safe.

It's the flights that have me worried the most. I really don't like flying.

If you saw my tweet at: marecontrare you saw all the stuff I had to pack. I was successful packing it all in one duffle bag. I'm carrying my helmet and my flak jacket plus a change of clothes with me just in case.

If I wasn't so exhausted from packing, I'd be nervous.

I'll try and blog at least once during the trip over. Until then...