Sunday, January 2, 2011

Afghanistan Through My Eyes - Leatherneck/Bastion

I can't believe my last post was the 29th! I've been traveling since the 30th and I'm still traveling. I'm in Camp Bastion, which is like being on the moon. Dusty and dust colored with look alike billets everywhere, landing at night in a C14 was very disorienting.

I won't have any computer access after this as I am moving out futher south...two more flights, chopper rides, not sure yet how I'm traveling but as of last night I have to wear my flak vest and helmet. I am determined not to be an inch shorter when I return.

The food is decent but we have to use porto potties. I took my first shower of the trip last night in a tent with cold water...really fun at 2:00am in 20 degree weather.

I have taken a few pictures but can't post them as I am using a computer at the USO and it's not compatible with Mac.

The soldiers here are very hospitable and friendly, but in their own worlds. You have to have a detached mind set as here you are in a bleak environment, doing the same thing everyday. It would be very depressing for the most part so you have to shut down a bit and be happy with the little things, not surpisingly.

I've met up with the press from the BBC and another freelance writer. I stayed in the media tent last night, probably like the Ritz Carlton, okay maybe Holiday Inn compared to where I'm going to sleep tonight.

I'll post again as soon as I can, but taking copious notes.