Monday, December 27, 2010

Afghanistan Through My Eyes - preparation

More shopping! I realized it wouldn't do to be unprepared. I don't think I'd be in good graces if I had to borrow anything.

I had planned on wearing white. Mostly because the good guys wear white. Seriously because I thought it was going to be snowy! There is no snow. Plan B today has been to find some khaki. You'd think the cheap places would have ugly khaki snowpants...but no, they only have black.

Luckily after over two hours online googling every khaki combination I finally found some lined khaki pants that are boys. I'm hoping I can fit into them. My tush is a little bigger than a boys. They only had up to size 14 in the color I wanted, if they had the 16 it would be no problem. I just pray GAP doesn't have vanity sizing like their upscale sister Banana Republic. I only know this because I use to be a Customer Service Manager for Banana.

I also got a call from US Calvary telling me they forgot to send the document with my helmet allowing me to take it out of the country! I don't have any documents for my flak vest. I'm hoping my orders are enough.

It is very complicated for a civilan going to war nowadays. During Vietnam you could just get on a plane with a camera. Holy smoke!

Check out this amazing video of war photographers, one of my favorites: Robert Capa is featured along with Warren Zinn at the end.