Sunday, December 26, 2010

Afghanistan Through My Eyes - How much does it take to outfit a soldier

Today I went shopping for all the stuff I need to take on my trip. I spent about a thousand dollars. That coupled with my airline tickets, vaccines, passport fees etc. I've spent about 5k going to war. That is a whole lot cheaper than what the government spends per soldier. Of course I'm only going for two weeks. The government spends 1 million dollars per soldier a year...

Can you imagine what you or I would do with a million dollars a year to bring peace to our world? It's an interesting thought. I know what Greg Mortenson would do and he has the right idea. Educate! That is the only way to stop terrorism. The Taliban approaches boys out of school who have no hope of getting a job or any money and pays them the equivalent to $300 US dollars for their life.

Ignorance is the real terror.