Friday, November 5, 2010

Afghanistan Through My Eyes - preparation

I have not heard, but I'm trying to be more proactive.

I researched flak vests today and have decided I need a level IV with two ceramic inserts. I have mixed feelings about this as yes it will protect my vital organs, but I could still get my legs blown off, my arms blown off and various other tragic wounds that I would not want to live through, but because I have this vest could.

Being my age, 52, I do not want to live with any disabilities. There is no reason I should have to suffer my golden years this way.

BAE is in Jacksonville and they have a body armor division. I approached them asking if they could give me a vest for my 10 day trip. I guess if you break it down, 7 days of actual exposure to combat comes to $142.87. That's quite a bargain for life...substantiating my point that life is cheap.