Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Veteran's Chapter

I'm still waiting to hear.

Today while I was waiting I finished writing my latest novel. It's a story about love of Romeo and Juliet proportion. Billy and Donna Jo meet on a beach in 1968 and they have the most amazing one day love affair. Billy gets shipped off to Vietnam and Donna Jo goes and finds him. It takes place during the Tet Offensive.

I got the idea from talking to Vets who were in Vietnam. This was a fantasy that most of them had, that their girl would come over and get them. There is also an Urban Legend that a girl does come over and joins the special forces. It was touched on in the book "The Things They Carried," by Tim O'Brien.

My novel is titled: "Words That Go Unspoken", it's a tear jerker. But it got me to think about how in WWII people displayed stars on their doors in honor of their sons in battle. In Vietnam there were no stars. Now we see yellow ribbons. It's as if the Vietnam Vet is somehow responsible for the tragedies that took place and because those battles are their memories its a reflection of them as people.

There is nothing good about War. Warning: do not watch this if you are afraid to see