Thursday, November 4, 2010

Afghanistan Through My Eyes - Ernie Pyle

Still waiting.

Today while driving I somehow tweaked my back. I am very out of shape. How quickly it happened I thought because I had just run a 1/2 marathon. Then I realized that was 4 months ago! I need to get in shape quick. As I passed gyms, yoga studios and personal training facilities I couldn't help but think how our bodies age, but our minds don' the sense that we still believe we can climb a tree and hang upside down at 52. I do believe I can do this...

But will I be able to hump 20 to 25 pounds of gear and keep up with a 20 year old. Ernie Pyle felt old at 42. He complained when taking a walk with the Rangers in Oran, North Africa that he couldn't keep up. They were walking and he was running!

I better start getting in shape. I don't want to hold anyone back and I certainly don't want anyone to resort to making fun of me as an old grandma! I believe putting on the uniform has a lot to do with being a soldier.