Friday, March 30, 2012

Afghanistan through My Eyes - SPC Weichel

The call for prescreened A+ blood came over the PA system and the soldiers ran to the Aid Station. While it's not an everyday occurrence you get used to it, like the sound of helicopters, gunfire and controlled detonations.

Later I found out there was a Ramp Ceremony. You never get used to a Ramp Ceremony.

SPC Dennis Weichel died here on FOB Fenty after being brought in to the Trauma Center where the surgical team worked on him. SPC Weichel had been crushed by an MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicle that weighs in at 36,000 pounds pushing a child from it's path.

SPC Weichel was with the Rhode Island National Guard and this was his second deployment. His civilian profession was as an outstanding employee of the McDonalds Corp as a Restaurant Manager.

Here his unit arrives from FOB Methar Lam in Laghman Province for the ceremony.

SPC Weichel leaves behind a family including three children.

Writers note: There is an investigation pending which is why I didn't write about this sooner. As a media embed I must wait for the release from the PAO office and out of respect for the family members.