Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Afghanistan through My Eyes - COP Have No Fear

Yesterday  I had the opportunity to travel around a bit to different Outposts. My first stop was COP Bostick: Have No Fear.  It is in a remote mountain location, that was absolutely beautiful to fly too. In war beauty is usually synonymous with deadly and this was no exception. I was there for the TOA ceremony.

We were met by the ANSF: Afghan National Security Forces:

I met up with 1LT Marissa Readinger who I wrote about in a prior blog.

Security is always an issue at a TOA as we all walk around slick. Spl Ikrom Omonov from NY, NY had  us covered. Here he is setting up a satellite antennae. 

The changing of the flags, the COP transferred from the Wolfhounds to the Red Warriors.