Sunday, April 1, 2012

Afghanistan through My Eyes - Everyday life on Fenty

Everyday life on FOB Fenty is almost like being on a small town base in middle America except there's nothing outside the wire...

The mail service here at FOB Fenty is great! It only takes about 1 week to get things in from the States. Unfortunately, it takes about 3 weeks for the mail from here to reach the states, but I think that's pretty fantastic because you get to write FREE where you put a stamp.

The postmaster, SPL Timothy Duncan a self proclaimed Navy Brat hails from Alameda, CA. This is his 2nd deployment. His first was in Iraq.

2nd LT Karen Wong from Queens, NY
She's Col Kim's OIC (Office In Charge) of the Joint Visitors Bureau.

Here's a photo of Capt Katie Kopp, from Dubuque, Iowa, with Maj Hank Lopez, who is a therapy dog. Yes the dog is a Major and outranks his handler. Capt Kopp has deployed twice. SPL Beth Raney is taking their photo and works in the PAO (Public Affairs Office. This is her 2nd deployment.

Here is Chaplin Mark Perkins of Medina, TN. This is his first deployment to Afghanistan, but he's also deployed to: Iraq, Korea and Honduras. 

There is also a mosque for all the muslims who own the Haji shops that sell the local goods.