Monday, March 26, 2012

Afghanistan through My Eyes - Fenty

During a TOA (Transfer of Authority) things get a little backed up. When I got here soldiers were sleeping in the gym. Some of them are sleeping on the LZ.

Watching guard is: SPL Lucas Wall from Hawaii. He spent his time on COP Penich. If you look closely, he isn't guarding just gear, but most of those lumps are soldiers.

Here is the inside of my Transient Tent. There are female soldiers coming and going at all night time and early morning hours. 

Here is Sgt Helen Stidhan, on the left, who I interviewed on the way in last year. She's from Ft. Worth, TX and her pride and joy is her dog Rifle. Sgt Felicia McCorkle, on the right, from Salisbury, NC has a handsome family of 3 sons. Both have served 3 tours. Sgt Stidhan received a Bronze Star. Both are 88mikes...(transportation) getting supplies  out to the soldiers on the COP's.