Friday, February 18, 2011

Afghanistan Through My Eyes

Deep after dinner discussion last night regarding the state of the world, the conflicts and of course Afghanistan came up.

It's interesting to me how many people don't know the amazing history of Afghanistan and all of their conflicts because of their valuable real estate...and we are not talking about oil and mineral rights. We are talking of proximity to other countries.

Some of the Marines I spoke with didn't know about the British conflict. One of them had found an Antique British rifle in an Afghani's home. He was perplexed at how it got there. The man of the house told him it was the only thing he had of his grandfather's. The Marine still didn't get it.

I told him the Afghans hated the British because of how they split their country and divided the Pastun's, The designation left most of them in Pakistan. The Afghans told the British to leave. When they did pull out the Afghans killed every soldier in the columns except for he could tell the British not to return.

He was shocked as he was one of the Marines training the Afghan Army.

How can we make progress if we don't know our history?