Monday, February 14, 2011

Afghanistan Through My Eyes - Veteran's Chapter

While waiting in line to get a new flight because my flight was canceled I was standing in front of a man that had a softened 'jar head' hair cut. I had to ask if he was a Marine...sure enough he had served in Desert Storm.

We got to talking and later shared a beer and he told me a little about himself and why he joined the Marines. He told me it was because he had traveled and loved his country. He said at times he actually cries when the Star Spangled Banner is sung.

He told me an interesting fact about why Marines wear a dog tag in their boot. I knew it was because if they became dismembered there was still a chance of identification. But he told me something I didn't know that boots are laced left to right. Left to right and you're all right, right to left and you're dead. Apparently it's a way to identify friendlies when you're hidden in camouflage on your belly staring at combat boots.

Airports have become a special place for me, there's always someone to meet.