Sunday, February 13, 2011

Afghanistan Through My Eyes - mail

Happy Valentines Day to all my friends serving in the Armed Forces and Veteran's. I wish I could send you all a personal Valentine...but that would require an amazing amount of planning, especially considering it takes at least 3 weeks to get mail.

I'm wondering if the package I sent to the 2/3 Marine Division I was with ever got their is a little scary about the mail service.

Every time I got on a helicopter or in a C130 there was at least one pallet of mail. They do their best getting it distributed, but there is so much of it that sometimes it just sits in the warehouse at the main base closest to where it's going for months. It's frustrating to watch. Thank goodness for email. Although, I interviewed quite a few Marines who liked receiving actual letters...and don't you!

The mail box at Camp Geronimo.