Sunday, January 23, 2011

Afghanistan Through My Eyes - hair cuts

Hygiene is very important in the Marine Corp. All the Marines in Spenghar look liked they had showered everyday, which I know isn't true because of the difficulty of showering there. But they all shave and take care of their appearance and an outsider wouldn't have a clue. This is all done without any running water.

I love this picture of Sgt. Christian Flores 'bowling up', I believe Sgt. Chase of Jacksonville, FL. My notes are a little fuzzy. What I love about it is how he has his M-16 and 9mm on while cutting hair.  

While SSgt. Sergio Fernandez specializes in the 'low fade',  I had no problem trusting Fernandez with my hair. And I'm glad I  did as I got one of the best cuts of my life and I've had some very expensive hair cuts! He learned how to cut hair at home. I told him if he ever opened a salon in the States when he returned, I'd be there.

SSgt. Fernandez and Sgt. Flores had quite a brisk business this day and had the boom box playing some great Spanish music. I felt like I had walked into a barber shop in E. LA.