Thursday, January 27, 2011

Afghanistan Through My Eyes - back in the world

I can't believe I've been back almost 2 weeks from Afghanistan. At times it seems like I'm in some kind of limbo and not really back and not there in Afghanistan...I'm just floating. I know I was there, I can still taste the grit of fine sand in my mouth and see a dun colored desert landscape even though I'm looking at a park of green trees.

I feel like my brain has been ratcheted tightly down in one direction. But if I'm patient it will unwind. What I am going through is small in comparison to our military who are deployed to war. Their brains have sprung and spit bits and pieces apart like an antique watch dropped on the concrete. They have to figure out how to put the pieces back together to be able to fit back into society.

This is the famous/infamous Pizza Hut on Camp Bastion. I doesn't quite fit. The American troops I talked to didn't really like it. It was too weird a juxtapositon. With the Military's attempt to bring all the comfort of home to war, it will take some getting used to.

But as Ernie Pyle said, "Killing and war is as much a job for them as writing is for me."