Saturday, January 22, 2011

Afghanistan Through My Eyes - Nawa District

These are two pictures outside of Jaker in the village where we had the Shura. The first one is of the old bazaar. The second one is of the new improved bazaar that the US military built. There was a ribbon cutting ceremony with the US Military and the Elders of the community. 

The community was very excited and grateful for the new bazaar. Behind it is a brand new Government Center. Ironically, the largest building in the area, but they were thrilled with it and all the new construction going on throughout the area. 

It was very difficult to take pictures as there were so many people around. It was amazing to me that we were all walking around slick and I felt as if I was on a tour of Afghanistan instead of walking with the most important people in all of the Nawa, Gamsur and Marja districts from all factions.

I'm hoping to go back in the spring and take a picture of all the shops moved in to the new bazaar and the school with the students inside.