Friday, January 28, 2011

Afghanistan Through My Eyes

One of the most amazing things about Afghanistan at night where I was deep in the desert, were the stars. I haven't seen stars like that since I was a kid and we'd go out in the desert in New Mexico away from all the lights and lay on the hood of our car and watch for shooting stars. Sometimes I would just catch myself starring up at the heavens in awe and wonder why we as humans keep getting ourselves into these wars with one another. I just don't get why we can't all live together on this planet and I'm afraid it's going to take aliens from another solar system to unite us.

Then I would suddenly remember where I was, in a combat zone and know that inside the camp I was being monitored and they were probably wondering what I was doing. It was funny how self conscious I felt in the dark, knowing people inside were watching me on the infrared monitor and outside at the guard posts. It was weird with such amazing natural beauty above us I was in this US military camp with concertina wire, guard posts, mortars aimed and ready to fire and LATV's and MRAP's parked to block other vehicles from coming in.

I never felt afraid. Which is only because I am an American of a certain generation and still have that luxury. I wonder how many more generations will be able to experience my purity?