Friday, January 14, 2011

Afghanistan Through My Eyes

I didn't get into Kabul.
After trying to book an airline ticket and buying a new bag, as mine got ripped and figuring out how to get to the airport from Abbey Gate, the gate to the base, it was 3:45 and snowing hard so I went to the transient tent and snuggled into my sleeping bag and read the rest of the day away.

The snow made everything even more earrie than the sand and dust in Camp Leatherneck.

Amazingly the taxi met me right when I got through all the checkpoints I had to go through to get onto the base to begin with...that seemed so long ago. Then going though a car search, then a body search, then a bag search I got dropped of at a terminal at the wasn't the terminal I was supposed to be in. I was directed to a bus.

Then another bag scan and another body search. The female body searches are done by other females in curtained off rooms. Luckily being a woman and practially the only woman, I was taken to the head of the line! Gotta love this country. I checked my bag and then headed to the gate.

Passport check, then another bag search and body search and into the gate...
Only to be asked to go back down to the baggage check because I packed my body armor and helmet in my bag. They said it was illegal to take into Dubai and I would be thrown in jail. I read an offical looking document saying as such. They wanted me to leave everything there. Wait a minute...isn't this what I was told specifially not to do by US Calvary? I said leave it in and I'll take my chances.

Back though the passport check, bag scan and body scan and into the gate again with about 30 minutes to spare, then an hour...6 1/2 hours later my flight took off for Dubai. Unfortunately, the snow also made it impossible for the planes to arrive from Dubai to pick us up in Kabul!...gotta love this country.