Monday, January 10, 2011

Afghanistan Through My Eyes - statistics

About to chopper out for leg two.

The interesting thing about being in the larger camps is the statistics. Here they have 53 cooks with one Head Chef, Gopi of the Renaissance Company. The food is contracted out. They get fresh strawberries and go through 55 dozen fresh eggs and gallons of frozen scrambled eggs for one breakfast alone!

Food is very important to the armed forces. It's a basic creature comfort. You can live without running water and sleeping on the ground and being cold, but it's nice to have hot, decent and hopefully good food at least once in awhile.

I got to go the chapel yesterday, where Chaplain Potter calls home. He came to our camp and is a field Chaplain. He is only on base on Sundays. He leaves crosses of all kinds and Saints medals out for anyone to take. There were no Jewish Stars.

Marrisa Merchant tested the air quality. I was told by a Marine it was for fecal matter. But she said, no it was to test what was in the air. Apparently, in Iraq there were some things there that we aren't supposed to be's not true, what you don't know about can't hurt can.

I also paid a visit to the Battalion Aid Station run by Tommy Childress of Jacksonville, Florida. He was conducting a class for the ANA getting them ready for the 'Over Watch'.

The next base I'm going to has a Pizza Hut and a TGIF...I don't know if that's an improvement in the food or not.