Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Afghanistan Through My Eyes - reporter connection - Kamber

After an entire day of waiting I'm finally at Leatherneck. Seriously it takes 5 days to get in country and 5 days to get out. My chopper flight kept getting pushed back until it was finally called for mechanical problems at 2200. But, that doesn't mean it was cancelled, that call was made 5 hours later.

I wasn't slated for the next flight so I ended up sleeping in the A/DACG. The Marines were nice about it and totally understood and set up a cot for me. That way I was 1st in line and ready for the 0600 call for the first flight out. Of course that got delayed too.

After I got to Leatherneck there was no one to meet me so I hitched a ride into the main airport. I came in on the chopper field. You can't say this girl isn't self sustaining.

This is kind of amazing. I ran into Adam, another freelance writer and the NY Times reporter Michael Kamber . I only know one reporter at the Times and of course he knows him. He was in Baghdad with him! Small world. We're all going to try and have dinner together.

The base here at Leatherneck is huge and the shower is huge...guess what I'm doing next!