Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Afghanistan through My Eyes - SMA Raymond Chandler

At Fenty we were honored to have Sergeant Major Raymond Chandler the 14th Sergeant Major of the Army come and give a town hall meeting for the soldiers. He presented his coin to soldiers of merit and also gave all the soldiers an opportunity to ask questions.

He talked about all kinds of issues from sexual harassment, to PT (physical training) standards and even brought a prototype of the new uniforms.

A soldier gets the opportunity to inspect the uniform up close and personal.

Soldiers at ease with their coins. 

The SM spoke about the imminent changes in the Army because of the downsizing. Soldiers who don't pass the standards will be out. He encouraged all the soldiers to work as if they wanted to earn a promotion if they wanted to stay in.

Lean and mean is what I'm saying. I like it.