Thursday, April 12, 2012

Afghanistan through My Eyes - Afghans on Fenty

Fenty has lots of Afghan's on base. They are all very considerate of the military and embrace the American way of life. They run the Haji shops that sell everything from pirated DVD's for a few dollars to handcrafted fine jewelry.

Mahmoud at Mohammad's designs and crafts the best jewelry here on FOB Fenty. He wanted me to say how he wishes everyone gets peace and to thank the US Military.

Rasul works the other side of the shop selling everything else.

Here is an amazing selection of carpets. The silk carpet the proprietor is standing on is one I liked, but at $900.00 it was too much for this poor writer. Unfortunately I've misplaced his business card while unpacking.

Mujahid, Mohammad, Nadar and Sangar run the laundry. There are tricks to making your laundry come out better, like add your own detergent in your bag. But they do the best job they can with the water quality they have and if you're nice they'll do a pretty good job folding.  The turn around time is 24 hours and it's free.  Of course there's always the pen that gets left in and ruins my last load.

It's an interesting community on a FOB.