Saturday, April 14, 2012

Afghanistan through My Eyes - Green Bean Anyone?

On some of the bases in Afghanistan there are PizzaHuts but for the most part FOB's and COP's don't get a lot of fast food. We rely on the DEFAC for everything. It's pretty good, there is always fresh lettuce for salads, a choice of meats, chicken made over in several ways and pudding. Usually, a huge tub of vanilla pudding that I play a game with. I would always wonder at each meal, what would the tub of vanilla pudding be put next never made any sense and would show up next to the salad, bin of hard boiled eggs, next to the bacon, who knew where it would appear. It was one of my only sources of entertainment. Pretty bad huh!

We also always had ice cream, curtesy of Baskin Robbins. We could make sundaes and top cake or pie with it. Some got creative and put the ice cream between two person who shall remain nameless, but is infamous for this, tried to toast his chocolate chip cookies first...which made more than a big mess.

You know when your FOB really has made it when it gets a Green Bean coffee shop.

They serve a mean espresso chai latte.

Here are the two servers on FOB Fenty

Tonny and Lloyd

Barristas on Joyce

The best place to be to learn what is going on is at the Green Bean. Most times I would get the scoop on information and arrive at the PAO in the morning asking questions.  Everyone hangs out at the Green Bean smoking, playing pingpong or pool or watching a movie or the news on the TV inside from it's opening hours to it's closing moment's. 

I'd like to say you could close your eyes, sip your latte and imagine you were someplace else with the sun kissing your face and a cool breeze, but then a helo would land or you'd hear the unmistakeable sound of a drone taking off or the gunfire would bring you right back to the war.