Friday, March 4, 2011

Afghanistan Through My Eyes

Today is Friday and of course we here in the US all look forward to Friday, even if you have to work Saturdays and or Sundays, we all have a Friday.

This is one huge difference about being in a combat zone. There is no time frame except for the hour and sometimes just the day time vs the night time.

Jobs need to be done everyday no matter what. There are no days off, no breaks except to grab a bite to eat if you're lucky, or some shut-eye. Troops learn to sleep anywhere at the drop of a hat.

Your body learns to run on adrenaline. You know you have to stay alert because it could be a matter of life or death not only for you, but for your battalion.

Veteran's have a hard time living back in the real world. They feel guilty because they're alive, having a Friday. They have to remember that they're back living because they did their job well. Because they did their job well, more of their brothers and sisters returned alive.

Enjoy your weekend...there are a lot of people out there who've died for it.