Monday, February 7, 2011

Star Spangled Banner - Shame

Super Bowl Sunday earned it's name last night. It was a great game. I think it's interesting how sports figures have become such icons in the fabric of America.

From my last post you know how much I was looking forward to the "Star Spangled Banner". It was setting up to be a great night. The troops they chose to represent in Afghanistan were from Camp Leatherneck! I felt so proud of them and wondered if I had met any of the few that were quickly on the screen.

Next up was Lea Michele singing "America the Beautiful". It was beautiful. I thought it sad that it took a moment at the Super Bowl party I was at for some to realize...that 'no' she wasn't singing the national anthem. Christina Aguilera sang our Anthem. I was excited because she's an icon in her own right and has an amazing voice and range, which you need...for what ever reason, she botched the words.

This to me is just another indication of our loss of pride and integrity for our country. I remember when I was in grammar school we said the "Pledge of Allegiance" and then sang "America the Beautiful" or the "Star Spangled Banner". Nothing sounds sweeter than a group of ten-year olds who just plain can't reach the right note or sing in the correct key.

Maybe next year instead of getting a celebrity who obviously could care less about singing the correct words we could get a group of people who hold our patriotism in their hearts to sing. It would be a great contest to have a class selected from a public school somewhere in our Nation. Plus it would be introducing an entire generation to the "Star Spangled Banner".