Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Afghanistan Through My Eyes - red tape

I've been in contact with ISAF for my return trip to Afghanistan. It seems I have to follow the same exact procedure. I thought since my pass from ISAF is good for an entire year I could skip some of the process.

This time I'll request to be with the Army 25th Division. I have an Angel, Captain John of the 25th Division Bobcats, who has set me up with CSM Spano of the 25th Division that's being deployed sometime in spring.

I know a little more about what to expect, but there's always the element of the unknown. I just really, really hope there are NO camel spiders where I'm going this time. I think I can handle the Crates, but I will freak out if one of those spiders comes anywhere near me. I will have to make some kind of blow torch with a lighter an my organic hand sanitizer spray which I discovered is flamable...

I am not particularly looking forward to the 3 days it takes to get there. I'm not sure how I'm going to travel. I don't think I want to risk Dubai unless I know for sure it's safe to travel through with my vest and helmet.

I'm eager to put them on again and eager to get back.