Saturday, February 5, 2011

Afghanistan Through My Eyes - freedom

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday. It's truly a national holiday whether you partake in watching the game or not. While I'm not the biggest football fan, I love to watch the commercials. But my favorite part of the game and all sports games is, The National Anthem.

It is wonderful to see everyone standing, with their hats off and hands over their hearts trying to sing the words in a unifying moment for our country. The USA is a great country! We need to remember this. Yes we all have issues, but we must remember we are allowed to not only have issues, but to voice these issues no matter how distasteful they are to others.

We must agree to disagree sometimes and because we live in the USA we are allowed to do that. We are allowed to walk down the street, chewing gum, smoking a cigarette, carrying a concealed weapon, holding the hand of a same sex partner, who is a different color and a different religion, with red hair and a nose ring and a swastika tattoo, while holding a Koran...we are free.

Take this moment to think about what freedom is to you. Then remember the next time you see someone in the US Military to thank them for fighting for you. No one likes war...but terrorism is worse.