Monday, January 31, 2011

Afghanistan Through My Eyes - chow

Mmmmmm, breakfast. These heated UGR's were our breakfast every morning at Camp Geronimo. There were no cooking facilities or running water so the cook was limited. I can't seem to find the definition of the acronym but let me tell you about them. 

Here we have sweet rolls, sausage and gravy, once fried potato patties and scrambled eggs. A UGR's shelf life is 9 months and it's considered an A ration. If it's good, then it probably isn't a 'real' UGR. They are heated. The key here would be to eat right when they were served as the DFAC (dining facility) didn't have heat and it was about 20 degrees every morning.

I ate dried cereal. I didn't use the milk because I was told by every camp I went to, not to. It was a rich milk from Dubai. If there wasn't soy milk then I just ate my cereal dry. We could also make instant coffee, if you grabbed some hot water before the men started to fill bottles to wash and shave.

For lunch or anytime you were hungry there were MRES, which were heated with a pull tab and 1st Strikes which were pouches of a days amount of food. I didn't eat lunch. Around 3:30 I usually broke into my stash of skittles.

At 3:00 cook started the two big wood fires to make dinner outside. Dinner had to be cooked within his two huge pots or on a grill. The first night I was there, in my honor, we had twice fried chicken and rice. Cook was a master at rice.  This was the first cooked meal the guys had since they deployed to this little base. The next night we had steak and one night we had 'Castaway Rice' which was a conglomeration of rice, spices chicken etc.

The chow was good, then again, I was starving.