Monday, January 3, 2011

Afghanistan Through My Eyes - Geronimo

After one more flight on a C139 and two chopper flights I landed in Geronimo. What a difference! There are no lights so I was really disoriented when I landed and had to find my billet.

Thank goodness I bought a duffle with wheels. I have to drag this duffle while wearing my 25lb vest and 3lb helmet plus the 10lb backpack through heavy rocks and deep sand. After I got into my billet I went to dinner. It was only 1800 but felt like 0200 after all the travel. Their 'chow hall' is amazing!

I had a nice chat with a Marine who told me they don't generally like reporters. So I am calling myself a journalist...a huge distinction and they seem to like that.

After dinner I thought I'd try a shower. I am the ONLY woman so they reserved the shower trailer for one hour, 2000 to 2100.  I didn't want to rush the Marine taking a shower and so I waited, and waited and waited trying to entertain myself with the brilliant desert sky and multitude of satellites.

I wanted to be at the moter pool at 0800 sharp!

After a much warmer shower than in Camp Bastion I used my flashlight to get back to my billet.

Today on my way to the next camp in a M Wrap built for ied strikes we did watch as the ANA (Afghanistan National Army) pull an ied (jug) from the road we were traveling on. One prior had gone off and killed a man.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to have dinner with my Base CO Chris Richardella and a tribal elder...