Friday, December 24, 2010

Afghanistan Through My Eyes - security

Yippee, I got my vest yesterday. It's quite the thing, actually stylish. I may be the best dressed reporter in Afghanistan. It is REALLY heavy. I knew it would be but it is about 1/4 of my body weight. I can't wait to lug my duffle bag etc. through all the airports I'm going though. I hesitate to check a bag. It will also be interesting to see how TSA reacts to me.

When I was in Chicago a few months ago, I lost my personal wallet. I had my business wallet with my business credit cards. I was trying to catch an earlier flight. American Airlines issued my boarding pass with no problem...then I went through the line and sure enough I had to stand aside. They called for the TSA head and she asked me to show her my credit cards. I opened my wallet and she noticed my CostCo card. I had forgotten a CostCo card has a picture! So I got through security with my CostCo card.